ACOG Management Staff Directory
The Atlanta Committee for the Olympic Games

This ACOG Management Staff Directory is an online database of the people we have been able to identify as having been a part of the management staff for the Atlanta Committee for the Olympic Games (ACOG).  The 1996 Summer Olympic Games was a great undertaking by the people of Atlanta, and many others from around the state of Georgia and the Nation.  This online list is dedicated to them for their effects and determination of achieving a dream.

This list of names and staff positions is not 100% accurate nor complete, but is the best known record to date of those who worked as paid staff.  The list continues to grow as we find many of the ACOG Staff that we have lost touch with since the summer of 1996.

First try searching the database below if you are a first time visitor.  Begin with entering your last name only.  If that doesn't display a record of you, try your first name or your department name as we might possibly have you listed  incorrectly.

If you do show up in the system, simply edit your existing record with updated information.  If you are not in the system, please REGISTER and you will be added automatically.  NOTE : you will need this password number in order to gain access. 


New entries and updates are monitored so we can add or update your contact information on the email distribution list related to reunion events.  I have contact with over 1000 people now, but truth be told there were close to 2,000 staff members in all by the close of the Games.

Limit your searches to a single field at a time for best results.  Multiple fields may overly define the search, missing what you maybe looking for.


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I am still searching for many of these missing 700 people below that I don't have any email contact with.   It would be great to find them all in time for a 20 Year ACOG Staff Reunion.  If we have found you and your name is on the list below by mistake, email me at


Abdelnour Tadros AOB  
Abigail Muraskin AOB  
Addison Arce Security  
Adrian Metcalfe AOB  
Adrienne Greene Finance Procurement
Ailish O'Connor Volunteer Services  
Alan Harrell Finance Finance and Management
Alfreda Wilson Transportation  
Alison Arnold Administrative Services  
Allison Perry Technology Systems Integration
Allison Yeh Transportation  
Alton Buzbee Technology  
Alton Myers Finance Accounting / Control
Alva Serrette Sports Competition Plannning
Amy Baxter Sports  
Amy Thrasher Olympic Village  
Andrew Hickling Technology  
Andrew Schultz Finance Budget and Management
Angela Fallen Finance Financial Planning
Angela Nelson Retail Stores Underground
Angela Snyder Creative Services  
Anita Otero Language Services  
Anna Berg AOB  
Anne Besl Retail Stores Lenox Mall
Anne Sandison Torch Relay  
Annette Carlozzi Cultural Olympiad Vis Art Pr
Annette Melton AOB  
Arild Rorhus Finance Accounting / Control
Artexas Davis Human Resources  
Arthur Mosley ACOG Venue Acq  
Ashley Miller Creative Services  
Athena Payne Finance Accounting / Control
Athlynne Tyler Olympics Experience  
Barbara Desmond Administrative Services  
Barry Donnelly Finance Finance and Management
Baye Cisse Olympic Village  
Bernadine Mabra Guest Services  
Betsy Baker Spectator Services  
Betty Kinder Finance Finance and Management
Betty Perryman Finance Accounting / Control
Beverley Hill Sports Competition Plannning
Beverley Klippert Ticket Sales  
Bill Beam Food & Beverage  
Bill McCahan ACOP CMO
Billy Payne ACOG - CEO Chief Executive Officer
Bob Brennan Communications Press Chief
Bob Kollar Venue Management  
Bob Neal Technology Director IT
Brenda Brown Transportation  
Brenda Mitchell ACOP Market Development
Brendan O'Brien Transportation  
Brian Burgess Cultural Olympiad  
Brian Page Technology  
Bruce Barker Technology  
Bruce Dingle AOB  
Bruce McFetridge Security  
Bryan Brendle Security  
Byron James Security  
Calvin Wardlaw Security  
Carl Hall Finance Procurement
Carl Sheffield Security  
Carlos James Community Relations  
Carmen Davis Olympic Village  
Carol Boyle ACOP Sponsor Protection
Carol Miller Community Relations  
Carol Swaim Finance Budget and Management
Carole Seward Administrative Services  
Carolyn Schorer Olympic Village  
Caryn Semelka Games Services  
Catherine Couch ACOP Sponsor Services
Catherine Klitenic Federal Government  
Catherine McNeal ACOP Concessions
Cathryn Cravens Special Events  
Catrina Ravenel Finance Finance and Management
Cecil Browne AOB  
Chad Watkins AOB  
Charles Bush Security  
Charles Jones Sports Competition Plannning
Charles Rogers AOB  
Charles Snow Torch Relay  
Cheryl Dodd-Patrick Press Operations  
Cheryl Mason Olympic Village  
Chris Kollme Venue Management  
Christa Bodin Sports Sports Logistics
Christina Ferguson Booking Booking
Christine Alicea Transportation  
Christine Hickey Retail Stores Lenox Mall
Christopher Brown AOB  
Christopher O'Connor Risk Management  
Christy Callender Olympic Village  
Claiborne Davis Security  
Claudette McCray Community Relations  
Clifford Stern Olympic Village  
Cloie McNeal Administrative Services  
Constance Wernersbach ACOP Marketing Operations
Cornell Morris Security  
Craig Drobis ACOP Licensing
Craig Marciniak Special Events  
Cynthia Bowling Torch Relay  
Cynthia Gillespie Federal Government  
Cynthia Johnson Venue Management  
Cynthia Sladek ACOP Marketing Operations
Cyrille Comar Ceremonies  
Damien Graham Transportation  
Dana Lewis Film/Video  
Daniel Catan ACOP Market Development
Daniel Johnson AOB  
Daniel Thiel Sports  
Daniel Zilber Cultural Olympiad  
Danielle Chase ACOG Staff Shannon
Daphne Stokes Technology  
Darlene Beale-Norris Sports  
Darlene Herbert Retail Stores Underground
Darlene Robinson Finance Procurement
Darnell Presley Office of the Co-Chair CoChair
Darryl Cummings AOB  
David Berry Olympics Experience  
David Byrd Finance Accounting / Control
David Chamberlin Security  
David Conwell AOB  
David Emanuel Torch Relay  
David Greenspan AOB  
David Gruber Finance Finance and Management
David Smith Ticket Sales  
David Wellenzohn Venue Management  
Davilla Davis Olympic Village  
Dawn Currier Ticket Sales  
Dawn Dickson Human Resources  
Dean Dickie Technology  
Dean Rau Technology  
Debbie Conard-Burnes Administrative Services Inforum
Deborah Collins Risk Management  
Deborah Gray ACOP Marketing Operations
Deborah Shelton Volunteer Services  
Debra Crump Destination Services  
Debra Loheide ACOP Sponsor Services
Debra McMinn AOB  
Denise Larzelere Administrative Services  
Denise McCall Risk Management  
Denise McKinnon Finance Purchasing
Denise Robertson ACOP Sponsor Services
Dennis Loeb Security  
Dennis Wall Security  
Desdimonia Cross ACOP Retail
Diane Alexander Risk Management  
Diane Patterson AOB  
Diane Zhang Finance Accounting / Control
Dianell Conner ACOP Marketing Operations
Don Baer AOB  
Donald Cole Technology  
Donna Nelson Finance Budget and Management
Donne Hale Retail Stores Lenox Mall
Doreen Knapp Olympic Village  
Doris Isaacs Administrative Services  
Dorothy Arnette Olympic Village  
Dorothy Roberts Olympic Village  
Doug Arnot Venue Management Director of Venues
Douglas Gatlin Office of the Co-Chair CoChair
Drew Olmstead AOB  
Duane Boyd Technology Systems Integration
Duncan Pearson AOB  
Dyan Matthews Communications Media Relations
Eddie Redman Logistics  
Edward Dutko Security  
Edward Galaviz Film/Video  
Edward Sonnenfeld Logistics  
Edward Williams Volunteer Services  
Edwin Sauer Sports  
Eileen Rosenstein Medical Services  
Eileen Sexton ACOP Sponsor Protection
Eleanor Mason Venue Management  
Elisa Myzal Sports Competition Plannning
Elizabeth Martin Medical Services  
Elizabeth McClure Volunteer Services  
Elizabeth Sapp Technology  
Elizabeth Spragg Language Services  
Elizabeth Wrenn-Estes Sports Competition Plannning
Ellen O'Connor Olympic Family & Protocol  
Emily Hart Guest Services  
Emma Logan Sports Competition Plannning
Emory Brown Security  
Eric Knutson Ticket Sales  
Eric Marshall Ticket Sales  
Eric Smith Guest Services  
Erin Dominguez Cultural Olympiad  
Erin O'Brien AOB  
Eva Lavine Ticket Sales  
Evan Jahn Special Events  
Evonda New-Barlow Risk Management  
Felicity Hayes AOB  
Fern Segerlind Cultural Olympiad  
Francis Campbell AOB  
Francis Grillo AOB  
Francis McCarron Security  
Frank DiLeonardo Creative Services  
Frank Litardo Venue Management Venue Manager
Franklin Rader Sports  
Frann Vettor ACOP Licensing
Fred Yawnick AOB  
Freddie Fuller Transportation  
Frederic Wojciechowski Technology  
Frederick Valle Technology  
Frederick White Transportation  
Gabor Komyathy Olympic Village  
Gail Arnold Administrative Services  
Garth Webster Venue Management  
Gary Anderson Sports Competition Plannning
Gary Collins Technology  
Gary Fanucci Security  
Gary Kemper Press Operations  
George Eichler Transportation  
George Hoge Administrative Services  
Georgina McAlmon Olympic Family & Protocol  
Gerald Sjogren Administrative Services Cnt Admin
Gerald Vaughan Planning & Integration  
Gina Butler Human Resources  
Ginger Wehmeyer Sports  
Girard Geeter Administrative Services EEOP
Gladys Strickland Senior Policy Advisor Senior Policy Advisor
Glenn Norman ACOP Market Development
Gloribel Vega AOB  
Gordon Shaw Security  
Grady Gamble Security  
Gregory Orr Sports  
Gregory Stevenson Finance Finance and Management
Harold Bryant AOB  
Harry Coursey Security  
Harry Hammock Security  
Harry Lange Finance Procurement
Hayden Smith Torch Relay  
Heidi Kantor Logistics  
Helge Stenersen Technology  
Henry Cain ACOP Market Development
Herbert Edwards Human Resources  
Holly Rawlinson ACOP Licensing
Irene Bailey AOB  
Irie Jenkins Technology Architecture & Platform Group
Jack Yarc AOB  
Jacquelyn Means Finance Budget and Management
Jacques Roth AOB  
James Bos Logistics  
James Brannon Administrative Services  
James Craig Sports  
James DeFilippis AOB  
James Donelson AOB  
James DuBose AOB  
James Hall Finance Finance and Management
James Jackson Finance Accounting / Control
James Ricci Olympic Village  
James Sieve Venue Management  
James Stewart Sports Competition Plannning
Janis Peterson Olympic Village  
Jason Clark Accommodations - Games Services  
Jay Hansen AOB  
Jean Clarke-Winston AOB  
Jean-Claude Demarthon Technology  
Jeffery Black Torch Relay  
Jeffrey Docter Transportation  
Jeffrey Eastman ACOP Sponsor Services
Jennifer Cox AOB  
Jennifer Earl Technology Systems Integration
Jennifer Lasher Booking Booking
Jeremy Dann ACOP Market Development
Jerome Ingram AOB  
Jewell Sanders Creative Services  
Jill Dallavo Finance Procurement
Jill Runkel AOB  
Jimi McIntosh Technology  
Jimmie Boles Security  
Joan Hagle AOB  
Joan Sumner Sports Competition Plannning
Johanna Asher Accreditation  
John Ahmann Federal Government  
John Atkinson Technology  
John Barber Security  
John Bosiljevac Finance Financial Planning
John Buhay Human Resources  
John Douglas Sports Competition Plannning
John Fisher Olympic Village  
John Gullo Transportation  
John Hanus Transportation  
John Hill Sports  
John Johnson AOB  
John Kreitner Transportation  
John Mactavish Sports  
John Mascaritolo Logistics  
John Pierce Ticket Sales  
John Pinkston Finance Financial Planning
John Smith Technology  
John Zarzycki ACOP Market Development
Johnny Tippit Logistics  
Jon Newman AOB  
Jon Root ACOP  
Jonathan Friedlander Language Services  
Jonathan Reeder Finance Budget and Management
Jonathan Schlanger Technology  
Jonathan Yanover Language Services  
Jose Muratti Olympic Village  
Joseph Bird AOB  
Joseph Couch Security  
Joseph Fiscina AOB  
Joseph Hagood ACOP Marketing Operations
Joseph Maddox AOB  
Joseph McGraw AOB  
Joseph Phillips Olympic Village  
Joseph Wilson AOB  
Joy Holladay Medical Services  
Joyce Baker Finance Procurement
Joyce Chambers Cultural Olympiad  
JR Hendrix Ticket Sales  
Judith Purdy Community Relations  
Judith Service Olympic Village  
Judy Cunningham Security  
Judy Talley Finance Financial Planning
Julia Stewart Volunteer Services  
Julie Brown Transportation  
Julie Culwell Creative Services Edit Services
June Berkhimer Booking Booking
Karen Chung Retail Stores Perimeter
Karen Dixon AOB  
Karen Gray Creative Services Edit Services
Karin Christenson Creative Services  
Karin Fleming Retail Stores Town Ctr
Kate Jones AOB  
Katharine Kluttz ACOG Staff Merchandising
Katherine Perot Special Events  
Kathleen Bunucci ACOP Licensing
Kathleen Hayes Ticket Sales  
Kathleen LeBeau Technology  
Kathleen Tuitt Olympic Village  
Kathryn Gonzales Logistics  
Kathy Moore Administrative Services Cnt Admin
Kay Wallace Office of the COO  
Keith Ayers Ticket Sales  
Keith Boyd Creative Services  
Keith Wetters Retail Stores Cumberland Mall
Kellie Elliott Logistics  
Kellie Schonberg Special Events  
Kelly McDonald AOB  
Kenneth Dodson Technology  
Kenneth Miller AOB  
Kerrie Lupica AOB  
Kevin Ashe Venue Management  
Kevin Carbone AOB  
Kevin Shannon ACOP Sponsor Services
Kim Anschultz Physical Legacy  
Kim Barnett Technology  
Kim Skelton-Dickey Technology  
Kim Wolff ACOP Licensing
Kimberly Karsian Sports  
Kimberly Merriweather Creative Services  
Kimberly Spring Transportation  
Kirby Johnston Transportation  
Kjetil Haugan Olympic Village  
Kristi Manning Venue Management  
Kristin Besch Finance Financial Planning
Kristin McCurdy International Relations  
Kurt Stone Sports  
Laine McCall ACOG Photo  
Lana Chitwood Retail Stores Town Ctr
Lance Sherman AOB  
Landon Thomas AOB  
Lara Snow Booking Booking
LaTanya Kelly Transportation  
Laura Fitzgerald Logistics  
Laura Franc Olympic Village  
Laura Hallahan AOB  
Laura Henderson Community Relations  
Laura Snowden AOB  
Laurie Zelnick AOB  
LaVonna Watson Risk Management  
Lawrence Clayton Finance Procurement
Lawrence Hayes Sports  
Lawrence Kennedy Special Events  
Layne Dornstein AOB  
Leah Dodson Technology  
Lee Washington ACOG Staff International Events
Leonard Franklin Finance Accounting / Control
Leonard Mall Community Relations Com-I/Gvt
Leslie Gordon Cultural Olympiad Humanities
Leslie McCoy Film/Video  
Letitia Baldwin Retail Stores Gwinnett Mall
Lew Sprague Food & Beverage  
Lewis Card Sports  
Lidija Gottlieb Olympic Village  
Lilia Roberts ACOP Marketing Operations
Lillian Martin Finance Accounting / Control
Linda Bell Sec Supt  
Linda Gunkel Technology AS 400 Support
Linda Hall Finance Budget and Management
Linda Linahan-Menna ACOP Marketing Operations
Linda McKinnie Community Relations  
Linda Moore Logistics  
Linda Stephenson Olympic Programs Olympic Programs
Lisa Tanner Sports Competition Plannning
Lloyd Whitfield Technology  
Lois Berger Ticket Sales  
Loree Martin AOB  
Lori Porath Ticket Sales  
Lori Stone Torch Relay  
Lori Varnadoe Retail Stores Cumberland Mall
Louis Cunningham ACOP New Markets
Louis Waldhour Transportation  
Lydia Ewing AOB  
Lydia Jackson Logistics  
Lynley Spoto Planning & Integration  
Madelyn Cobb ACOP Market Development
Magdalene Womack Office of the Co-Chair CoChair
Manuel Romero AOB  
Marcia Mori-Susmilch Administrative Services  
Marcia Williams AOB  
Margaret Davis Ticket Sales  
Margaret Doyle Community Relations  
Margaret Peeples Creative Services Edit Services
Margaret Rhodes ACOG Program Development Program Development
Marguerite Scott ACOP CMO
Maria Cornejo Olympic Village  
Marian Jones ACOG Staff International Events
Marian Sams Finance Budget and Management
Mariann Alzate Booking Booking
Marie Rigaud Ticket Sales  
Marilyn Arrington Youth & Education  
Marilyn Suriani ACOG Photo  
Mark Adams AOB  
Mark Carlson Security  
Mark Conley AOB  
Mark Hipp Olympic Village  
Mark Irwin International Relations  
Mark Newman Venue Management  
Mark Parkman AOB  
Mark Perdue Transportation  
Mark Thompson Ticket Sales  
Marlon Day Logistics  
Marlynn Jones Community Relations  
Marsha Edscorn AOB  
Marsha Groome AOB  
Marshall Banks AOB  
Martha Mahoney Olympic Village  
Martha Remmell ACOP Sponsor Services
Martin Duffy Community Relations  
Martin Mathews Ticket Sales  
Martine Hunter Creative Services  
Marvin Vann Sports  
Mary Chandler ACOP  
Mary Donovan Booking Booking
Mary Hunt Finance Budget and Management
Mary Julias Retail Stores Lenox Mall
Mary Keith AOB  
Mary McDonald Finance Accounting / Control
Mary Nichols-Thomas AOB  
Mary Ruppe Olympic Village  
Mary Rusznak AOB  
Mary Steinhausen Finance Financial Planning
Mary Tate AOB  
Mary White Guest Services  
Matthew Mason AOB  
Matthew Robertson AOB  
Maureen Holen Language Services  
Maxine Wright Olympic Village  
Meagan Cook Ticket Sales  
Melinda Hart Finance Finance and Management
Melissa Bodenhagen Administrative Services Inforum
Melody Horn Security  
Merat Kebede Construction  
Merry Kent Technology Systems Integration
Meshawn Glass Retail Stores Underground
Michael Andriola AOB  
Michael Arellano Sports  
Michael Bird AOB  
Michael Burns Sports Competition Plannning
Michael Gundy ACOG Staff Merchandising
Michael Mackey ACOG Staff International Events
Michael Mizell Security  
Michael Mobley Olympic Village  
Michael Moss Sports Support Operations
Michael Pattee Sec Supt  
Michael Russell ACOP Market Development
Michael Schetzel Ticket Sales  
Michael Smalls Technology  
Michael Spigelmire Federal Government  
Michael Whitten Security  
Michaele Babcock Food & Berverage  
Michele Dupepe AOB  
Michele Walker Community Relations  
Michelle Hebert Human Resources  
Michelle Kennedy Accreditation  
Michelle Strickland Olympic Village  
Mickey Timms Logistics  
Millie Keene-Schumacher ACOP Sponsor Services
Milton Cox Security  
Miriam Henriksen Community Relations  
Molly Drescher Finance Budget and Management
Monica Taylor Olympic Village  
Monique Coles AOB  
Nagesh Roy Olympics Experience  
Nancy Barron Booking Booking
Nancy Haselden Volunteer Services  
Nancy Johnson AOB  
Nancy Schmidt Transportation  
Nancy Shank Olympic Village  
Nannatter Beatty Distribution Center  
Natasha Hawthorne Olympics Experience  
Ned Salter Logistics  
Neil Mousseau AOB  
Neil Rothstein Finance Financial Planning
Neil Tepper Communications Press Operations
Nenad Dakic AOB  
Nick Lundhild Technology Director of Technical Services
Nina Davis AOB  
Noel Makidi Olympic Village  
Norman Albi AOB  
Norman Suttles Technology  
Nuby Fowler Olympic Village  
Odell Arrington Security  
Pamela Gollish AOB  
Pamela Hodnett AOB  
Pamela Trettel Olympic Village  
Patricia Bush Olympic Village Athlete Services
Patricia Calvert Sports Competition Plannning
Patricia Couri Finance Accounting / Control
Patricia Fuller Finance Accounting / Control
Patrick Helmer Finance Budget and Management
Patti Conn Finance Procurement
Patti Moore Sports Competition Plannning
Pattie McCrady Risk Management  
Paul Beckman ACOP Market Development
Paul Winston Venue Management  
Paula Russell AOB  
Peggy Ludaway Finance Accounting / Control
Penina Richards Finance Budget and Management
Peter Simmons Sports  
Philip Woosnam Sports Competition Plannning
Phillip Bryant AOB  
Pringe Coney Finance Accounting / Control
Rafael Salazar AOB  
Raffaella Miller Volunteer Services  
Ralph Mellanby AOB  
Rana Kardestuncer AOB  
Randal Hyre Olympic Village Athlete Services
Randell Mills Ceremonies  
Randi Weinstein Finance Budget and Management
Raymond Foreback Olympics Experience  
Raymond Zepp Olympic Village  
Rebecca Gorrell Administrative Services  
Rebecca O'Keefe AOB  
Rebecca Shaw Sports Competition Plannning
Reginald Fitzpatrick Technology  
Reginald Mitchell AOB  
Reginald Smith ACOG Staff Merchandising
Rekesh Sampat Retail Stores Mkt Squ
Renee Niccollai Sports  
Rennie Truitt Torch Relay  
Richard Dickerson Community Relations  
Richard Jeffries Venue Management  
Richard Mullan Security  
Richard Wanninger Communications Press Operations
Richard Weber Sec Supt  
Rick Layton Spectator Services  
Robert Conley Security  
Robert Easterly Technology  
Robert Gores Logistics  
Robert Hawkins Olympic Village  
Robert Herzfeld Finance Financial Planning
Robert Hollander ACOP Licensing
Robert Holton AOB  
Robert Keil Planning & Integration  
Robert McCord Transportation  
Robert Saunders Logistics  
Robert Schraf Ticket Sales  
Robert Taft Security  
Robert Thomas Government Relations  
Roberto Bruni NOC Services  
Rod Knowles Technology Managing Director
Roderick Wallace Finance Budget and Management
Rodney Williams Security  
Roena Bradford Security  
Ron Kennerly Logistics  
Ronald Claxton AOB  
Ronald Gaines Technology  
Ronald Jones Security  
Ronald Quarantino Finance Procurement
Ronald Thorpe AOB  
Rosemarie Vermeersch Language Services  
Ruth Mason Ticket Sales  
Ruth Resnicow Cultural Olympiad Vis Art Pr
Sam Poulos Community Relations  
Samuel Godsall Security  
Samuel Kiser Technology  
Sandra Lee AOB  
Sara Lopez Sports  
Savaria Simms AOB  
Scott Anderson Games Services  
Scott Eaton AOB  
Scott Loux ACOP Market Development
Seyed Mokhlesi Technology  
Shannon Christopher Torch Relay  
Sharon Adams Finance Finance and Management
Sharon Harrison International Relations  
Sharon Schilling Technology  
Sharon Shelton Planning & Integration  
Sharon Wallace Community Relations  
Shaunessey Jones Film/Video  
Shawn McGee AOB  
Sheila Pennock Retail Stores Lenox Mall
Shelby Lewis Sports  
Sheldon Phillips Sports Competition Plannning
Shereen Samonds Ticket Sales  
Sheri Rhodes Sports Competition Plannning
Sheri Thomas Creative Services  
Sherry Jennings Torch Relay  
Sherry Williams Volunteer Services  
Shirley Franklin Senior Policy Advisor Senior Policy Advisor
Sonja Lang Technology  
Sonya Richey Security  
Stacie Saugen AOB  
Stacy Burger ACOP Retail
Stacy Graham Guest Services  
Stella Ringer Human Resources  
Stephanie Saxon Administrative Services  
Stephanie Zimlich Guest Services  
Stephen Gaffney Torch Relay  
Stephen Kearney Sports Competition Plannning
Stephen Raymond AOB  
Steve Kelly Sports Competition Plannning
Steve Lange Creative Services Look of the Games
Steve Young ACOP Market Development
Steven Kittell Olympic Village  
Steven Walker Transportation  
Stevenson Elliott Transportation  
Stewart Lathan Creative Services Look of the Games
Stuart Corliss Community Relations  
Sunnie Pulvers AOB  
Susan Boeckman Corporate Services  
Susan Buck ACOP Retail
Susan Elliott Comm - C Oly Comm-C Oly
Susan Kalishman ACOP New Markets
Susan Potrepka Ticket Sales  
Suzanne Johnson Technology  
Suzanne Miller Ticket Sales  
Suzanne Rattazzi Accommodations - Games Services  
Suzanne Tuscher Sports Competition Plannning
Suzanne Viebrock Human Resources  
Suzette Shipp Olympic Village  
TaDarol Bates Human Resources PersAdmin
Tammy Johnston AOB  
Tanisha Milligan Administrative Services Inforum
Teresa Dixon Security  
Terry Ewert AOB  
Terry Jones Technology  
Thomas Cramer Administrative Services  
Thomas Farmer Torch Relay  
Thomas Farquhar Sports Competition Plannning
Thomas Meyers Corporate Services  
Thomas Scott Finance Budget and Management
Tim Ramsberger Venue Management  
Timothy Long Ticket Sales  
Tina Arbes Finance Financial Planning
Tom Hallman Community Relations  
Tracey Wilson Language Services  
Trisha Clark AOB  
Tyrone Burrell ACOP Marketing Operations
Valarie Tillman Technology  
Valerie Gutierrez Olympic Village  
Vanessa Brewer Accreditation  
Venisha Bowler Sports  
Vernon Fulton Technology  
Vernon Worthy Security  
Veronique Maitre Language Services  
Victor Howell Distribution Center  
Victor Stanculescu Sports  
Victoria Webb AOB  
Vidar Eilertsen Torch Relay  
Vikki Fields Finance Purchasing
Vincent Johnson Technology  
Vincent Sakraida AOB  
Virgil Lucas Transportation  
Virgil Rabun Ticket Sales  
Virginia Watkins Corporate Services  
Vonda Melchior Finance Purchasing
Walter Snead AOB  
Wanda Durden Sports  
Warner Maney AOB  
Warren Miller Technology  
Wayne Daniel AOB  
Wayne Licker Finance Procurement
Wayne VanLeer Logistics  
Wendy Norton Government Relations  
Wendy Pake Volunteer Services  
Wilford Ray Construction  
William Crowell Security  
William Fayne Risk Management  
William Ferguson ACOP Sponsor Protection
William Hardison Finance Financial Planning
William Hawkins AOB  
William Moss Construction  
William Nicholson ACOG - Operations  
William Rosenberg Sports Competition Plannning
William Sanford Retail Stores Northpoint
William Segal Olympic Family & Protocol  
William Tucker Administrative Services Cnt Admin
William Whitehill Medical Services  
Willie Bourda Security  
Willie Soto-Echevarria Technology  
Willie Taylor Security  
Yaacov Yisrael Technology  
Yuly Rodriguez Finance Accounting / Control